What are powderworks?

I had never even heard of powderwords before, much less seen them. So admist all the hooha of Singapore’s 53 birthday celebration, I waited patiently for what was slated in the itinerary as ‘powderworks.’ With the intention of shooting the fireworks, I had set up in between the area where the live performances were to be performed and the area where the fireworks were to be set off (as well as where the Navy divers and floating cannons were going to be performed). When the allotted time came, a mini boom sounded, way over where the stage was and I saw my first ‘powderwoks’! and yes I had my camera pointed in the wrong direction. Sigh…

It was pretty cool to see these ‘fake’ fireworks. It kinda reminded me of Holi powder throwing. Since I missed the first barrage,  I’m now getting nervous because there’s only one barrage left and I don’t know where it’s going off. Luckily, I brought a second camera setup and shot the above images handheld. Having seen and captured the second set of powderworks, I was happy. Watching the powder dissipate, I couldn’t help but to wonder which was worse, the colored ‘smoke’ or the fireworks smoke but came to the conclusion that there was much less powderworks so the amount of ‘smoke’ was considerably less and it didn’t last as long. Then I started to wonder which was worse to inhale, oh well, at least it looked nice.

Here’s the shot details:


Camera Canon 5d2
Focal Length 40 mm
Aperture f8
Shutter Speed 1/750
ISO 200

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