This may not be as bad as it seems, it is.

A couple days ago, I went to buy a pack of Rosco strobist gels from Sgcamerastore. Today I went to TKphoto to buy the ThinkTank Strobist gel wallet to hold them. So opening the gel package I’m missing all 5 1/2 CTO Orange (#3408). I think the gel wallet is the demo one cuz all the clear plastics are hazy no biggie I was able to clean it all off.

Maybe I’ll have to add them both to my list of shops to never shop at. I’ll wait for the shops reply first. Although I think TKphoto is at strike 3 for me already.


Well, 3 days have gone by and NO response from both TK Photo and Sgcamerastore. Such a shame. I’ll be adding to them to my personal NEVER shop at list. Such a shame, there’s some stuff I’ve been meaning to get, as soon as I find the time to go…

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