Think tank photo

Think tank photo’s no hassle warranty. It is what it is…awesome! I tried it, it works.

It all started when I bought other steroid a speed belt and the pixel racing harness v2. The “issues” I had were 1) I thought the belt was new and there the module rail needed loosen a bit so that the modules would slide. 2) the really losing excess straps could be wrapped and tucked away.

Over time, about a year later, I realized the module rail isn’t gonna loosen and the straps of the harness were a pain. So after a hectic three week run n gun vacation / shoot in Europe I got frustrated and emailed Think Tank Photo in regards to cutting the straps and loosening the module rail.

I got a response back the next business day saying the straps could be cut but the ends need to be melted so that the strands don’t continue to fray. The belt however was defective in that the module rail was sewn on too tight. All I need to do is send it in and the will send a new one out.

I replied that postage rates would cost as much as a new belt in which the reply was the contact details of my local think tank photo distributor! All I had to do was bring the belt in for a one to one except exchange.

So I did and they exchanged it. What more can you ask for?!

Great products, great support. Of you’re not using think thank photo’s products you should give them a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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