The “NEW” Train Night Market: Ratchada

Also known as New Rod Fai Train Night Market Ratchada, Train Market, Rot Fai Ratchada, New Rot Fai (and various combinations of those words). Why is this important to know? Well, there is another Rot Fai Train Market (on Srinakarin Street near Seacon Square) that is still in operation. My post about that is HERE and the directions on how to get there is HERE.

What’s the difference other than location? The Ratchada one has more bars (some two storey ones too) making it a bit more lively and the Srinakarin one has more vintage stuff. Both have a really good selection of food and the usual clothing / accessories shops. Ratchada’s premises is also way more crowded due to the tour groups, which are mainly Chinese from what I’ve seen/heard, the two times I’ve been there. Having said that, the main crowded area is only the entrance where the market’s signage is because that’s where the meeting point for the tour groups are, as well as the selfie point for all the other visitors. Once you get past that crowd in that area, it’s not so bad inside. You won’t have the run of the place nor will you herded around. It may get a bit squeezy in the shopping rows if some people wearing backpacks stop to shop.

While not as big as Chatuchak it’s still pretty big. Actually both Rot Fai Train Night Markets are big and spacious. A lot less narrow than Chatuchak (especially the inner covered areas). I like the layout of Rot Fai Ratchada the best, nice and straight rows of shops, making it pretty hard to get lost in there, even for me (I got turned around at both Chatuchak and Rot Fai Srinakarin), haha.

Although I wanted to have dinner at Bangcroc (first choice) to try the croc meat dishes or the seafood (2nd choice), I lost the vote 2-1 on both venues/dishes. We had ribs instead which was pretty good, tourist prices but not that exorbitant. We didn’t dine in the bar zone because my youngest wasn’t old enough, lol. Speaking of drinks, according to my kids there’s some interesting bubble tea flavors goin on at this night market.

The one thing my daughters liked most at this Rot Fai Train Night Market was the local artisans peddling their goods. For example, hand made, animal shaped, clay earrings that look like they’re biting your earlobe when you wear them. We hadn’t seen these anywhere else and found them quite “cute”. I can’t remember what the deal was and how much I eventually had to fork out (hard for me to resist cool looking local art especially when my kids ask for it), that’s how I ended up with orcas and sharks (my kids picked them for me to fulfill the deal), I was looking at something else already. Anyways, I bought a couple of sleeveless T-shirts from an artist (I like to support local talent whenever I can) and got an auto discount (I didn’t have to ask, when this happens I won’t bargain even though my Thai friends tell me I should). I even had a pleasant chat with the chap about Thai art and the local art scene!

Other shops we found were a couple of vintage shops and a toy shop (unboxed figurines) but I prefer the variety, quantity and quality of such items at Rot Fai Srinakarin.

I think both are pretty much the same (earring stall and embroidered sleeveless shop aside) on the new things. Rot Fai Train Night Market Srinakarin has a lot more vintage items whereas Rot Fai Ratchada has more bars that are actually in a separate section with age limit entry signs, making it more lively with the blaring music and the touting waitress’. Oh, if you’re looking for pets, the Srinakarin premises has more pet shops. That’s pretty much it, if you’re pressed for time and had to pick only one, I hope this posts helps you to decide. If you have time to visit both, why not? I think it’s worth it.

Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

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