Smoke Grenade Photography

I just watched this vid on smoke photography…it’s got plenty of tips and tricks so give it watch if you’re interested in this style of photography!

J Rental Centre – Singapore Camera Rental | PICTGT

Come check out this contest. I’m in, are you?


Showcasing the power of WE (the community), what WE can achieve together and how WE see Singapore.

Simply sign up below to get your 3 random themes & start shooting!

360/VR Video Theme: ‘Boring Singapore’

Submission period:
1st June 2018 – 15th July 2018

Photographs can be submitted in reply to the theme email received while videos can be sent in to and will be compiled by our video editor into a ‘Boring’ Singapore video!

Find and rent the cheapest, closest DSLR, lens, video camera, sound or lighting equipment from major brands like Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, DJI and more! Our partners will be glad to give you practical tips on using the equipment as well!

Source: J Rental Centre – Singapore Camera Rental | PICTGT

Need idea on how to estimate a job? Check this out…

A very worthwhile read, this article published on PDN entitled Estimating 2.0: How to Price Ad Jobs for Print, Web and Social Media. Go ahead give it a read, it’s enlightening!

Interested in Filmaking? Here’s 30+ ebooks to help you learn it, FREE!

The good folks at No Film School have compiled this list of FREE ebooks on film making  entitled 30+ Free E-Books That Will Help You Master Filmmaking go ahead click it and be on your way to being a better film maker!!!