Air travel to and from Guam under Covid-19 restrictions

On the plane to Hawaii

So if anyone is considering coming to Guam while we’re still under Covid-19 Restrictions, here’s a few things that you may need to note. Please keep in mind that your experience may differ from mine and that regulations may change. In any case, I hope you get a snicker from my ordeal. Here we go.

So I needed to fly out of Guam and get to Savannah, Georgia. The only real choices (financially as well as scheduling) was via United Airlines there’s a severe lack of options these days. The route I had to take was from Guam to Hawaii to Houston then finally to Georgia. Maybe I was a bit too lax and or inexperienced with flight travel in and out of the US but let me tell ya, it was truly a mind boggling experience.

Waiting To Go Hawaii

It starts off with my flight from Guam to Hawaii. Hawaii requires all inbound air passengers to have taken a Covid-19 test and a negative result. The test must be administered by one of their recognized partners, 72 hours prior to your flight AND you must register for an online account on their website and upload your test results PRIOR to boarding your flight. In Guam, I went to the Dept. of Public Health and for my return trip I used the drive thru services of a Walgreens. Here’s the link to Hawaii’s web portal to make your account and upload your test results: Here’s the info page: After submitting your documents you should receive a QR code via email and it’ll show up in your account. You need to have that handy because as soon as you exit the plane there will be people checking your data. If you don’t have the QR code handy, the lines can get VERY VERY long. On my flight back to Hawaii, there was even a pre check line to check your QR code, afterwards you’ll be issued a paper bracelet and the people in Hawaii will be looking for that to help you get through to your next destination. I didn’t get to do that because the line was too long and I had to board.

Even from Guam, a US territory, when you land in Hawaii, you must collect your Checked bag(s) and drop them off where they tell you to. Then you have to clear customs and TSA search. So by the time I reached my gate for my flight to Houston, I had missed it. The departure terminal (G6) was VERY far away too! So back I went to exit the “secured” area and find the United Airlines counter. There was a line so I went outside for a smoke (you literally have to go outside, cross the street and smoke on the meridian). Came back and waited in line for what seemed like forever. So my new flight is gonna take me to San Fran then to Houston and then to Savannah! By the time I got to the gate It was almost boarding time already (maybe 15 min to spare).

Destined to miss my flight

Since I hadn’t eaten yet and United doesn’t serve food I decided to try to find some. No luck, for me, as the closest thing was a souvenir shop. I really didn’t wanna risk missing another flight.  Apparently, if you install United’s app and associate a credit card with it, you can order food. You have to do it before you board the plane though. They keep saying it won’t work when you’re onboard. If you don’t bring your own food, United passes out pretzels and cookies. I ate a lot of pretzels and those Lotus Biscoff cookies are yummy!!! I highly suggest installing United’s app (if you have data roaming or wifi access) because the gate numbers aren’t always available on your boarding pass and flight detail screens may not be as abundant as you would like especially when you’re trying to find your way around a huge airport and sometimes the United people just aren’t helpful at all.

My whole trip, both going to Savannah and coming back, my flights were back to back. I get off one plane and by the time I get to my gate it’s almost time to board! Oh, Houston’s airport is big and the walk to my gate was far. In case you’re wondering, no smoking areas in the Houston airport.

Can’t be in two places at once

I’ve never had a trip pan out so poorly before, the itinerary wasn’t even close to being accurate. Anyways, we’ll see what happens next time. I have to make the same journey in two year. I’ll be sure to check my boarding connecting flights next time!

In all the airports that I transferred flights from, they all had messages over the PA system saying masks are mandatory at all times. On all the flights, same messages. PLEASE don’t be “one of those” people who take off their masks or wear it improperly. The stewardess/stewards do a great job of enforcing but crap happens right? I wore mine almost all the time, taking it off only to drink my coffee, eat my pretzels and cookies. I still tested positive for Covid-19, 6 days into my quarantine.

After being interview by the “Covid Cops” they hypothesis that I got it in transit on the way back. I even requested a re-swab cuz I wasn’t feeling unwell. Anyways, maybe I shouldn’t have because that “revenge” re-swap was so much more uncomfortable than the first one! HAHA.

So what is quarantine like in Guam? First off, everyone will get quarantined for 14 days at the Dusit Thani Hotel, at the moment there are no costs involved, the Gov’t of Guam foots the bill for it all. When you exit the plane, get your bags, clear customs and then you get herded to the transit area, where some forms will be filled up and you’ll wait for enough people to fill the transports. When the handful of buses are filled, the convoy of busses will get a police escort to the hotel. At Dusit Thani Resort Hotel the National Guard will check you in and give you the rules. The side I stayed on was the old Outrigger side. You get daily temp monitoring and 3 meals a day.  After 6 days, you can opt to take a Covid-19 test. If you test negative, you can finish the last 8 days at your residence.

If you test positive they will move you to The Bayview Hotel for monitoring/quarantine. Someone from the Dept. of Public health will call and schedule your pickup time. When they come to pick you up, they’ll give you a set of stuff to wear (see picture below) and then they’ll escort you to the van.  At the Bayview Hotel they’ll come monitor your temperature and vitals twice a day. The difference between the two hotels is like night and day. So if you don’t have to, DON’T RISK TESTING OUT!!! HAHAHA.

Mandatory PPE’s issued prior to being transported

I’ll be posting a review on both hotels as soon as I can so stay tuned!

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