Canon 7D Mark 2 raw files win10

I don’t know how or why, but after some updates this last couple of days, I can now view actual thumbnails of my 7D2 raw files in windows¬†explorer on Windows 10. I’m not sure if it was an adobe update (which iirc was a week or two ago) or this recent round of Win10 updates. Having been on mini vacay kinda fuzzed up my memory.

So, if you still can’t see your Canon 7D2 raw file thumbnails in windows explorer check if you’re up to date on your software (Adobe and Windows).

Microsoft Access Image Issues

Just in case you’re building a database for your images and can’t get thumbnails to show up in Access 2003, the issue is the OLE server that is not installed unless you have Microsoft Photo Editor installed. That program is included in Office XP but can (has been reported to) get unistalled when installing Access (maybe Office) 2003. Also for some of the other things to work you may need to install the optional TOOLS from Office 2003.

Hope that’s useful, took me days to find all that info and to get things to work, lol.