Getting to Talad Rod Fai Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Around the corner from Seacon Square is a night market named Rod Fai night market. The best way to get here as of this writing is via taxi. We took a Grab taxi to Seacon Square earlier in the afternoon to do some shopping/exploring. If you’re interested HERE‘s the post.

To get to Rod Fai night market from Seacon Square, exit out the main entrance and turn left. If you’re not walking parallel to the (as of this post) under construction BTS tracks and with the flow of traffic, you’re in the wrong place for these directions. Keep walking until you reach an intersection at which you will turn left again (don’t cross the street though). It’s only about 100m away and at 6pm you’ll see street vendors setting up shop on the sidewalk.

After turning left keep walking and keep to the sidewalk, you’ll find yourself walking through a tunnel sort of thing with bars and some shops. This is not the start of the night market it’s like a warm up or opening act. Further down, it’ll open up a bit and you’ll see a bunch of stalls/shops. After walking maybe 200m through shop houses and crossing a street or two. When you cross the street where there’s a pointy roofed structure (picture below), that is pretty much the start of the market.

If you’re into antique’s and vintage things (sports jerseys especially) I found the biggest selection of all the night markets I’ve gone to in Bangkok. There’s all of the usual night market shops there too. If you’ve got kids and stroller for them, I think a day trip to Seacon Square mall and then to Talad Rod Fai Night Market (post upcoming) is a worthwhile day trip!

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