Do you need an artist statement and bio?

What is an artists statement? Do you need an artist statement? How do you write an artist statement? How about an artist biography?

An artist statement is a written introduction to an artist’s body of work. I firmly believe that one is needed. I found out the hard way. While submitting my works for various competitions, applying for distinctions and just answering calls for submissions, I was fortunate enough to have some works selected for an exhibition. Then the call came in requesting my artist statement. Well, I didn’t have one and needed to submit it within a few hours. So I’ve added the writing of an artist statement to my portfolio workflow.

Here’s some links to pages I’ve found helpful: PDNONLINE, GYST Services for Artists,

In conjunction with your artist statement (for each body of work) you should have your Artist’s BIography. You should have this everywhere you have a presence and it will be what gets used when your image gets published and they need one but can’t get a hold you in time. For example, you win a spot in a photobook in which they also print your picture and bio in the back. You’d want something well thought out written beside your name and headshot, right?

Here’s some links I’ve found helpful: Agora Gallery, Light Space Time

Please don’t wait until the last minute to do this, if you don’t have one work on it ASAP. I found it really stressful to write one at the last minute.