Road to recovery, really this time…

So my feet has gotten waaaay better now. For the whole story, here’s where it started. The full story is at the end, under “UPDATE 2).

Then an update with skin specialist (western medecine) HERE

Here’s a pic of the asian meds, ointment, lotion I was given by the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor and after 2 months, the results:

20160321_121715 20160512_145742

DO NOT EAT LIST (recommended by the TCM doctor)

Seafood: fish, shrimp, prawn, abalone, shark fin, seafood sauces, XO sauce, shrimp paste, oyster sauce
Nuts: peanuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pistachios
Vegetables: Bok Choy, bamboo shoots, chives, mushrooms, eggplant, pumpkin, celery, chili
Fruits: Mango, durian, lychee, longan, manana, watermelon
Misc: Alcohol, spicy foods, sesame oil, deep fried foods, duck, goose, milk, glutinous rice, chocolate, coffee

Hidden Gems In Adobe Lightroom: Skin Smoothing

I’m going to be writing a few posts in a series that feature some of the more unique and hidden features of both Adobe Lightroom & Aperture. I call them my ‘holy grail’ adjustments or my ‘hidden gems’ because not many professional photographers I know that use Lightroom on a daily basis even consider using these adjustments in their workflow.

Source: Hidden Gems In Adobe Lightroom: Skin Smoothing

My visit to the specialist….

I’m so frustrated and kinda amused with this recent visit to the doctor (skin specialist)….been having problems with my feet not healing 100% and this doctor offers to fix my nose!!

LOL ! I never knew I had a problem with my nose (it was red probably cuz I was getting mad). I was wondering why he was doodling on the head/face area of his template note sheet, while I was answer his question.

Just for the sake of sharing, cuz it is kinda funny after the fact, I think I’ll do a write up of my rash, blister, allergy then healing ordeal spanning a year and share some photos of my feet and stuff….will post up links when I get it done….

As promised, here’s the story with photos too! lol