Stadium Walk – mypictureday submission

Just for the fun of it, I took a walk along the section of Singapore’s Kallang River where the national stadium is located. I could have picked a better day, I suppose, as it started to rain pretty heavily. The relatively new National Stadium which is dome shaped and features a retractable roof is the reportedly the world’s largest dome structure. Unfortunately, the retractable roof’s reliability as well as the quality of the artificial turf has been less than desirable. The structure does look pretty cool though, I think.



In contrast to the National Stadium, is the much older Indoor Stadium, which is just next door. Instead of a rounded mound look, it sports an angular circus tent look and reminds me of the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars. Both stadiums are within the same complex called the “Sports Hub” which also has an indoor pool as well as a shopping mall. The Indoor Stadium is where a lot of the music concerts, MMA events and basketball games are played.



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Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year (SGPY)

Here’s another contest for y’all. Best wishes and good luck!

The “Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year” photo competition aims to showcase the rich biodiversity and greenery that make Singapore an endearing and exceptional City in a Garden. Rediscover the heritage and value of our parks, gardens and nature reserves and capture your interpretation through photographic lens of this living space and greenery that Singapore is famous for. The competition features an open, youth and Instagram category.

Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year Photo Competition (SGPY)

Source: Nation Parks Singapore

Singapore Photographers Awards

Game on! Come check out this contest!

The main aim of this competition is to select the best images to represent Singapore for the coming World Photographic Cup 2019 (WPC 2019).

There are 6 categories in which you can enter and only the top 3 images of each categories (18 images in all) will represent Singapore for the WPC 2019 to be held in (To be announced.

This competition is open to photographers and enthusiasts who are Singaporeans or Singapore PR.

Singapore finalists will be presented with trophies and certificates and their images represent Singapore for the WPC 2019 to be held in (to be announced) in 2019. The dates and venue will be announced in November 2019.

This is a good opportunity for both photographers and enthusiasts to pit their skills and achieve this prestigious award where many photographers around the world vie for this title.

This competition is brought to you by Singapore Photographic and Digital Imaging Trade Association (SPDA), a non-profit organisation which started more than 60 years ago. For more information of SPDA, please visit

The closing date for the WPC 2019 Singapore Final is :

(To be announced)

J Rental Centre – Singapore Camera Rental | PICTGT

Come check out this contest. I’m in, are you?


Showcasing the power of WE (the community), what WE can achieve together and how WE see Singapore.

Simply sign up below to get your 3 random themes & start shooting!

360/VR Video Theme: ‘Boring Singapore’

Submission period:
1st June 2018 – 15th July 2018

Photographs can be submitted in reply to the theme email received while videos can be sent in to and will be compiled by our video editor into a ‘Boring’ Singapore video!

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Source: J Rental Centre – Singapore Camera Rental | PICTGT

Photo Montage 2018 Calls for Submission

NUS Photographic Society’s Photo Montage 2018 is open for submissions. The theme this year is TIMELESS.

Here’s the site:

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