RescuePro – Change output folder

Recent events have led up to my needing of Sandisk RescuePro, on my hybrid laptop / tablet. UGH! I’ve needed it before but that was on a Macbook with plenty of space (Recommended free space is 2X the size of your card). I didn’t have that on my C: drive of my hybrid (Win) device. When you run Rescue Pro, you get 6 icons to use, all related to doing something to your card. Only when you cancel the resulting action of clicking one of the 6 icons, are you presented with more options. There’s a button labelled “Output Folder” but it doesn’t change the folder RescuePro Deluxe outputs to. Sigh…

It took me awhile but finally got the answer. CTRL O (the letter-lower case, not the number). In the screen the pops up when you launch RescuePro Deluxe, hit Ctrl and O and a window will pop up letting you change the default drive and folder that RescruPro Deluxe will save your recovered files to.

Now if you need to edit the number of items in your cart from the renewal link, you have to navigate out of that page and into your actual cart. I can’t recall the actual pages, sorry.