LR and Raw updates 9.10

New update to Adobe Lightroom to version 2015.10 and Adobe Camera Raw to version 9.10 is out now. Here’s the link:

Why Don’t Photographers Give Out RAW Photos?

If you ask a photographer if they can give you the entire set of unedited RAW photos from a shoot, there’s a very good chance they’re going to say no. No,

Source: Why Don’t Photographers Give Out RAW Photos?

Handy tool for getting jpegs from your raw files

Shooting with a dual media card camera is slick. Save RAW to one card and JPEG to the other. This gives you the best of both worlds, full data from a raw file and in camera processed jpeg (what you see on camera LCD) for proofing or whatever. For example, I download all theJPEGs to a shared drive accessible to all on the network, quick and easy…with this software from Michael Peaks. Check it out, it’s FREE.

Install it, then right click a RAW file and choose “Instant JPEG from Raw” (Windows), and choose your settings (if you want), then click “Extract” and choose where you want to save the JPEG.

Quick and easy.

Reuters rejects RAW !

Lucky my main “events” camera can be set to shoot both, on separate cards simultaneously because I know I’ll forget to check which format I’m shooting. What do you think of this new JPG only format Reuters has adopted?

Here’s some links for more info: