ImageBrief: Protecting Copyright Is Complex. We Just Fixed That.

If you haven’t checked out ImageBrief yet, you’re missing out. Especially if copyright infringement of your images is a concern.

At ImageBrief, we have a commitment to always advocate for the rights of photographers and provide them the tools they need to protect their livelihoods. As a result, we are delighted to announce a new partnership with image protection market leader, ImageRights.”

Read more on their BLOG HERE

DMCA protection for your site and images

Website Protection Pro

Go check them out. There’s a free plan and badges you can put on your site to help educate your viewers (that your images aren’t free). Here’s an excerpt from their site (

DMCA Takedowns

DMCA .com is the global leader in DMCA Copyright Infringement Takedowns. We get stolen content removed. It’s 100% Guaranteed – or you get your money back.

DMCA .com can help with stolen blog content, videos, pictures, websites, games and more. Any country, any content, anywhere. This is what our team of professionals do everyday.

Professional takedowns starting at $199 and “Do It Yourself” takedowns starting at $10 / month!

DRM for JPG, yes or no?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) apparently being looked at for inclusing to jpg’s. Here’s some info on it:

Your thoughts?