Call For Applications – IPA

Invisible Photographer Asia: Call For Applications: IPA x SHS Photo Mentorship Grant

“The IPA Mentorship Program is an intensive 3-month program by Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) for those who wish to further their personal photographic vision and goals. The aim is for mentees to conceive, continue or finish a photo project or series as a method to strengthen their photography and understand the concerns of their individual practice. ”

IPA’s workshop website HERE.

Hidden Gems In Adobe Lightroom: Skin Smoothing

I’m going to be writing a few posts in a series that feature some of the more unique and hidden features of both Adobe Lightroom & Aperture. I call them my ‘holy grail’ adjustments or my ‘hidden gems’ because not many professional photographers I know that use Lightroom on a daily basis even consider using these adjustments in their workflow.

Source: Hidden Gems In Adobe Lightroom: Skin Smoothing

SMACK – assist student journalists

Society of Professional Journalists launched SMACK . . .

“The Society of Professional Journalists this week launched SMACK – Student Media Aid Cash and Know-How — in an effort to build upon the work it is already doing to provide support to student media being censored or threatened.”

Read the rest of the article HERE

ID that bird!!! This app is cool…

Have you ever taken a picture of a bird because you wanted to know what kind it was? Now you can, in North America, it’s the Bird ID tool. Check it out:

Hope they go global, that would be so cool!

Smiggle free gift redemption

If you’ve spent enough to claim a free gift using their loyalty card stamp card and decide not redeem…
Make sure they stamp the free gift section on your card AND NOT put the stamp on a new card or else you will have to spend 10 bucks when you want to redeem the old card.
Or you can argue and hope they let you redeem it without spending more. Long story short, the staff member at the Dhoby Gout branch was polite and couteous and resolved the issue after some time. The branch that stamped a new card instead of filling up the old card while stating clearly that we can redeem whenever we wanted was at City Hall branch.
Anyways, my kid left happy, the staff member at the Dhoby Gout branch was professional, so its all good.