Social Media Widget and linkedin

If you’re using the “Social Media Icons (jetpack)” widget and you’re trying to enter your username in the field but you can’t find your Linkedin username you can usually find it when you navigate to your Linkedin “public profile” page and look in the address bar. Your username comes after “”.

If you’re like me who had a string of number separated by slashes and have “/pub/” in front of those numbers, you may have difficulties getting the Linkedin button to navigate to your page (after entering your username into the Linkedin field of the widget). The only way I could get the button navigate to my Linkedin profile page was to change my username.

I changed my username in my Linkedin Public Profile page. On the right side of the page, there’s an option to “customize your public profile url”. Change yours to something memorable and your username will become that.

For example, my url now is: Prior to that it was something like (I can’t remember what the numbers were exactly). Now to get the Linkedin button of the Social Media Icons (jetpack) widget to get to my linked in page, I enter RayShiuPhotography into the Linkedin field, click Save, and voila…everything works.