My Fellowship Distinction portfolio passed. YAY!

So I got the letter today, my submitted portfolio passed and thus I earned the Fellowship Distinction from the Photographic Society of Singapore. Here’s their Facebook Page, if you wanted to check out there social medai page!

A big THANK YOU to PSS and my models!!! Couldn’t have done it without y’all.

Here’s the link to the PORTFOLIO .


Adobe Slate Start Free

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Check it out HERE.

What a Juror is Looking For in Your Art

Art Essay: What a Juror is Looking For in Your Art.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Does your art impart a feeling, a mood, a sense of place. Does it tell a story, does it make a social statement, or does it embrace what the light is doing? The juror is looking to be moved by your work, to experience it, and to be taken in by its expression, its sense.”

Good read, have a look at the rest. Here’s the link.