MIDI2LR version is out

If you’re using MIDI2LR a new version just came out. Check it out:


DxO buys the Nik Collection

YAY! DxO buys Nik Collection from Google! here’s an article on TechCrunch:

DxO buys the Nik Collection to save it from an untimely demise

Free ON1 Effects 10

If you’re needing some new presets, ON1 is up to version 10 and it’s still free. Here’s the site to get them:¬†https://www.on1.com/apps/effects10free/

NEW Topaz Texture Effects

Looking to get the textured and toned images you love without the headaches of searching for textures and lengthy workflows?

Texture Effects is loaded with over 275 high-resolution textures, light leaks and other assets so you can stop the search the minute it starts. Combined with powerful blending and masking tools, Texture Effects lets you create the look you love, the way you want, all contained in an intuitive, easy to use software.

Topaz Textures Effects

Topaz Textures Effects

Heard of ImageRights.com? Check them out…

ImageRights.com is a site/service offering Copyright claims assessments, copyright registrations with the United States Copyright Office (USCO) and now the NEW plugin for Lightroom allowing you to register your images with the USCO straight out of Lightroom via ImageRights new plugin.

If you haven’t already, check out, here’s their site: https://www.imagerights.com/