I’ve joined Steemit!!

Hey everyone, just wanted y’all to know I’m on Steemit now. Here’s my profile: https://steemit.com/@rayshiuimages If you’re on Steemit, come check me out so I can follow ya back. If you’re not on Steemit, I encourage you to check it out, especially if you’re a content producer! Here’s the link to check ’em out: https://steemit.com

If you don’t know what Steemit is, it’s a social media platform like Facebook the difference being Facebook keeps all the revenue generated through YOUR data and has the power to censor/remove your content. Steemit shares at least some of it back to its users and your content is stored on a blockchain so it can’t be censored or deleted. It’s best if you check it out yourself as this subject could be touchy for some folks…

Peace y’all!!

PicScout Platform

Interesting…Alamy has already teamed up with PicScout, HERE‘s their post.

“The PicScout Platform is the industry leader in commercial image identification technology. Our registry houses 250 million premium images from more than 200 content providers. Content providers can upload premium images to the PicScout Platform to ensure they are accessible and protected by the PicScout-powered tools.”

Find out more at PicScout‘s website: