Animals of the World – Pig Deers!

This guy looks like he’s going to charge at me!

Here’s my entry to the “Animals of the World” themed contest hosted by @derangedvisions. I’ve chosen to enter a set of images of the Babirusa, which is also called the pig-deer. The first time I saw these creatures, I thought they were bald boars but something was ‘off’. I had to stop and really look at them. I was so shocked to see two sets of tusks, with one set coming out from the top of the snout. I had to get a closer look so I swapped out my walk about lens to my zoom lens and teleconverter. I find these animals both cool and eerie!



Shot details are varied but the equipment I used are a Canon 7D, 100-400 zoom lens and a 1.4 tele converter.

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