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about shootSIN
shootSIN 2016 is an informative forum based on the premise of building a vibrant photographic community, where budding photographers, advanced amateurs and professionals can network, share ideas, educate themselves on photographic tools, and foster a community with their fellow photographers.”

HERE‘s their website.

Famous Photographers: 225 tips to inspire you

From Digital Camera World. Haven’t read them all yet but half way through the first page, I had to share it with y’all…HERE IT IS.

Getty’s releases free images…

So now that Getty’s has released a boat load of photos for free, the user only needs to add code to the site the free image is used on. So whatever the code does it must result in a way for Getty’s to earn something. IF that’s the case, they are knowingly and willfully shafting their image contributors. Why are they allowed to do this? Is it a right signed away by the photographer thru the T&C’s of becoming a Getty’s contributor?

Here’s the story:

More photographers laid off from major newspaper:

Johnston Press follows in the footsteps of Chicago Sun Times, firing the entire staff of photographers. Read the story here: