Plastic casing service for amulets in Bangkok

Hey y’all ! I know most won’t be interested in this post since it’s about repairing amulets of the Thai / Buddhist variety but I think it would be useful to share some info that I’ve come across in my endeavor to have the casing repaired / replaced on one of my amulets.

So after almost giving up and resolving to have the plastic amulet casing replaced in Singapore at a cost of around $40 SGD. I managed to find a street vendor who’s starting price was $60 BHT. I asked for it to be made stronger than the original cracked casing and I also wanted the new casing to be waterproof. The new cost was $140 BHT (about $6 SGD).

This street vendor is located about an 8 minute walk from On Nut BTS. When you exit On Nut BTS station on the Century The Movie Plaza side and go left (if you’re facing the mall, against the flow of traffic) keep walking until you have to cross the street at an intersection with traffic lights. It’s just after a pedestrian over head bridge. Along the way, you’ll pass a 7-11, a side street with street food vendors, a fire station and a police station where the over head pedestrian crossing is.  After crossing the street turn right. The vendor should be around 20 feet away.

There’s a stool if you want to sit down and wait for your amulet to be re-cased. If not, there’s a Big C shopping mall across the street as well as some street vendors. I chose to wait and the whole process took roughly 20 minutes to make a custom casing from sheet plastic or maybe it’s acrylic, I’m not sure which, lol. I found it extremely fascinating watching the couple work on multiple amulets at the same time. Their process was so well executed and coordinated. Cutting, gluing, molding, sanding and buffing the plastic from a makeshift cart on the side walk. Impressive!

It may not look like it from photos below but the new amulet casing is a lot bigger / thicker and they had polished the black tarnish off the bottom corner.

I had come across a couple of other places, with full casing replacement services while in Bangkok and the best way to get to these two places is via taxi.

Seacon Square – Not too far away from Sukumvit area, maybe around a 15 minute non rush hour drive. Has one jewelry shop that can slightly modify their premade cases.
Address: 55 Srinakarin Road, Nongbon, Prawet, Bangkok 10250

Pantip Plaza Ngamwongwan (NOT the IT Pantip Plaza). It’s kinda far away, around 30 min drive towards Don Mueang Airport. Has a few shops offering casing services.
Address: 69/21, 69/23, Moo 2, Ngam Wong Wan Rd. Bang Khen, Bangkok 11000, Thailand

I didn’t get around to going to Pantip Plaza Ngamwongwan as it was far and I had left it as a last resort, coincidentally I found the street vendor the morning of the day I was planning to go which was the day prior to my flight. Maybe my next trip 😎

If you’re in Singapore and need amulet casing replacement services, check out my post HERE.

Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

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