Just recieved my first book from (also corresponds as I ordered / uploaded the book on Dec. 12 and recieved it Dec.16. The book came via DHL (the delivered on Sunday) out of Malaysia.

I’m very happy with the quality of the 8×8 soft cover, 40 page book. It cost $56 sgd plus $7 shipping.  Colors came back accurate (my monitors are calibrated) packing was exceptional. Pricing is not that bad, Blurb is cheaper but having made books on Blurb, I can say it’s hit or miss, in terms of color rendition.

I think if the pricing was competitve (on books with 40+ pages) Photobooksingapore would get my biz. As such, my books are 100+ pages and already done in Lightroom. Having to redo them using photobooksingapore’s software would be too time consuming and frustrating (i’d have to learn how to use the software).

Plus I’ve already “paid my dues” to Blurb and gone through the color issues and LR issues . To save yourself from stress, before you send off your book to Blurb, ask for their printer profile and soft proof your book first. Mine came back good AFTER I did that. The return process wasn’t difficult, but it was a hassle.

Genting Highlands

Theme park and hotels look nice, no photography allowed in any of the casinos. There are security guards/metal detectors at the entrance. They won’t let you in if they see you carrying a camera. Each hotel has a different theme/look/feel. There is a huge carnival games area. So you should be able to get a bunch of different photos.

Mountain range views makes for great photos provided the weather is good. There is also an abandoned construction project which looks interesting.

There is a Buddhist temple lower down the mountain with great views. It looks really good. I didn’t get a chance to stop and take pictures tho. Maybe next time.