CTRL+J for PS no longer working after update?

Dragon Pillar and Yixian Wooden Pagoda in infrared
If you’re like me and have both LR and PS in your photo editing workflow and have updated to the latest version of Photoshop (20.0.1), you may have run into the issue where your CTRL+J (to make a copy of your image in a new layer) doesn’t work. Upon further investigating you may find that a lot of your menu items are also grayed out. I found it extremely frustrating the first few times it happened. Here are some solutions i’ve come across:

  1. Wait for Adobe to fix the bug. This is not an option for me.
  2. Take this opportunity to jump ship and move to a different editing suite. Tempting but I’m too lazy to learn a new platform although I’ve heard there are some “better” and “less expensive” options. Hmmmm….maybe…Adobe has been less helpful recently.
  3. Open image directly into Photoshop (as opposed to opening from LR). This totally sucks for my workflow.
  4. Open both Photoshop and LR. Then from within LR, right click the image and select “edit in Adobe Photoshop cc 2019” This is ok, I guess. When I can remember to do it this way.
  5. Roll back Photoshop. To do this, open Adobe Creative Cloud and navigate to Photoshop CC (v 20.0.1) click the down arrow to view the menu options then click “other versions” pick the most recent update that’s not 20.0.1. This seems like the best way but I’m too lazy (I don’t use Photoshop that much anyways). Hopefully the next update will have the fix so I’ll just wait until then, less for me to do so less for me to muck up, haha.

So for me I’ve been doing #4. Hope you found this useful!!

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FREE lightroom plugin show focus points

If you’re ever wanted / needed to check which focus point was used on your image(s) while going through images in Lightroom, check out this free plugin:


This came in handy for me when I changed lenses on my IR modified body and couldn’t quite get focus. Now I get more keepers after knowing roughly where I need to focus in a landscape scene to get the focus where I want it.

Midi Controller for Lightroom

Do you or would you use a midi controller? What is a midi controller? It’s a device of buttons/dials and sliders that let you control things. Originally used by musicians but has now been adapted by image editors. So with a midi controller, software like MIDI2LR and Lightroom CC, I can link a lightroom function (slider or rating, or changing panels) to a button or dial on the midi controller. I just got one, the Behringer X Touch Mini. I’ve gotten it set up and it does make my edit work faster and as I memorize what botton/dial does what it’ll get faster. If you want more info, Here’s my review. For more details on the process.

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