Missing photos in LR book fix

So, after I’ve calmed down, I’ve set about putting the photo’s (in the filmstrip) back into the book. Why? as mentioned in a previous post, one day the photos just disappeared from the book I had created in lightroom days ago, leaving only the template/layout and text on the page. I had started working on another album and didn’t immediately upload to Blurb.

As I set about dragging the photos back into the pages, I decided to change the template on one of the pages, after I did so, the image popped back into the new template I picked. So I went to the next page and did the same thing only I picked the original template and again the photo appeared.

To do this, I clicked the page number which produced an orange highlight bar with a down arrow to the right. Click that and you can choose other templates for that page. In my case the original template is highlighted in orange and I click that. The photo re-appears and so far, photo edits are intact. Below is a screen shot (from my phone)