35mm lens that’s always in focus?!

Check out this C.P. Goerz CITOGRAPH 35 lens which is always in focus….Looks interesting but is it more than just a novelty? You can decided for yourself for more info check out kickstarter page.


Gnarbox – on the go storage and more!

The Gnarbox is a device that will help a lot of shooters. It is a device that, when paired with the app and your device, can store, share and edit your  photos and videos. Meaning, it can replace your laptop and all its’ necessities. If you’re interested (all event shooters, should be, I think). It’s being crowd funded on Kickstarter, check out the specs, they’re impressive.

Here’s the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1028379103/gnarbox-edit-and-share-hd-footage-in-seconds-lapto