Got my 400D back from IR conversion. YAY!!!

Ok so I got my 400D back from having sent it for IR conversion. Filter I asked for was the “super color” 590 nm wavelength. The reason I wanted this conversion done is because I found using the Hoya R72 filter too frustrating to use. Now with the conversion done, I can compose the scene and take the shot I want before I get any “whack a moles”. I need to take some shots in the sunlight with the proper white balance tomorrow. In the meantime, I have to clean the sensor and blow out some dust. Not a biggie as I had it done privately as opposed to in a shop.

Always looking for a more efficient work flow, I’ve managed to find a Lightroom red/blue channel swap preset to bypass having to do it in photoshop. The profile is made by Capture Monkey and the page is HERE.

If you’re wanting to get into IR photography a good place for info is Life Pixel and Infrared Atelier.

Have fun!!!