Tiger Street Lab – yummy food and beer

So I was killing time at Singapore’s Changi Airport and was getting hungry so I walked around the newest addition to the airport named “The Jewel” and found “Tiger Street Lab” on the top floor. You probably don’t know but I’m a big fan of beer and Tiger beer is one of my favorites, so finding this joint really made my week!

I thought it was just a bar with snacks but I was wrong. I had a glimpse of their menu, not too many items but enough for a quick light meal. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some merchandise so I went to check ’em out first. There were some t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, bags/pouches and other stuff. Pretty cool looking designs but most of the items were, imo, kind of pricey. The décor looked pretty cool, I especially liked the tables and the carved tiger design.

There was a big sign promoting a new beer, Tiger Crystal. It looks good! Yes, I’m a sucker for cool looking marketing on beer containers. So I headed in and got a table. Once seated, I flipped through the menu and saw another Tiger beer that I hadn’t seen before, Tiger Dragon fruit Beer. This draught beer is sold in 1/2 pint or full pint glasses only and only at this location, The Jewel Tiger Street Lab. Well, I figured I can probably get the Tiger Crystal everywhere else so I ordered the Tiger Dragon fruit pint and a side of truffle fries. Dragon fruit is one of my favorite fruits. I prefer the purple ones over the white ones (I’m referring to the inside of the fruit). I’ve seen yellow ones too but haven’t had the opportunity to try those yet. Anyways, my beer is here!

So is my fries. The fries were ok, you can taste the truffle oil on them. The dish comes with a mayo based dip but I asked for ketchup instead. What I got looked like ketchup but it wasn’t tomato ketchup maybe it was banana ketchup, my fault for not specifying. It wasn’t bad tasting or anything I just prefer tomato ketchup. Having a closer look at the menu, I think this place is called ‘Street Lab’ because the food is akin to street food. I was still hungry so I wanted to order some food (not bar, finger food) but the kitchen was closed for meals between 3 and 5 pm (only snack items were being served). I don’t know why but I saw a coffee spare rib dish and I really wanted to try it but It was only 3:30pm. So I decided to wait and opened up my laptop to do some “work” while I waited, all the while enjoying my beer and fries.

So 5 pm rolls around and I order the dish, I smelled it before I saw it and boy did it smell good! Just like waking up to the smell of fresh gourmet coffee, so nice! It tastes as good as it smells, the meat is so tender! After a few pieces, I found it too sweet and savory to eat on it’s own so I asked if they served steamed rice, they didn’t. Although the dish was really yummy, I have to say it was a bit of a chore to finish the last few pieces, lucky the beer did a fantastic job washing it all down. It didn’t taste weird at all, well I didn’t find it weird, haha.

I think the ambiance is as close as you can get to an outdoor street food stall/bar venue without actually being outside. There was plenty of staff and the food came quickly. If you don’t mind paying airport prices for food then go check out the Tiger Street Lab (the beer prices around avg I think). At least you’ll be indoors ample space between tables and air conditioning so strong you may need a light jacket. The airport setting pretty much guarantees there won’t be any hooligans or drunk shenanigans goin on, lol.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about The Jewel at Changi Airport, other than the shopping and eats, it supposedly houses the world’s largest indoor waterfall. I thought the one inside Gardens by the Bay or even the one at the Jurong Bird Park was bigger but anyways this one looks the coolest, by far. I’ll describe the features in a later post but here’s a couple of pics for now.

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