The Photographer’s Lighting Handbook

Free Photographer’s Lighting Handbook from the good folks at Photoshelter and Profoto.

Link (if above doesn’t work):

Magic of Light Painting

Something I’ve been meaning to try / learn / do.

Magic of Light Painting

“Painting with light is magical. The flashlight is your brush and the scene is your canvas. Imagination and experimentation are your workflow. You control how long the beam strikes the subject, which angle it comes from, the color and softness of the light, and which part of the scene is illuminated. Few other forms of photography allow this level of creativity.”

Hacking the digital print, ebook

Seems like a good read, gonna add it to my list.

Hacking the Digital Print

“Alternative image capture and printmaking processes with a special section on 3D printing
Artist Bonny Lhotka’s Hacking The Digital Print provides artists and photographers with new and unique ways to express their creative vision through inventive and affordable printmaking techniques. Hacking The Digital Print includes methods for modifying images using custom filters and lenses before they are even captured by the camera as well as non-toxic digital alternatives to classic printmaking techniques, such as transferring images to glass, fabric, and furniture.”