Canon 7D Mark II firmware update

Canon USA now has firmware update version 1.1.1 available for download. This update is for the 7D Mark II. Here’s the LINK.

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Pentax Full Frame DSLR?

First full frame camera from Pentax? From Petapixel: “If shadowy teaser photos and sample shots aren’t enough for you, check out these new leaked product photos and specs.” READ MORE

Outex DSLR Waterproof Camera Cover and Case | Outex

Outex is a waterproof camera cover and underwater camera housing that protects any dSLR camera and flash configuration.

Source: Outex DSLR Waterproof Camera Cover and Case | Outex

Remote live view from Canon DSLR via android device

Check out this site to see if you have a compatible android device:

Even if your phone isn’t listed, check what version you have and if you can update to a compatible version. Also, you will need your phone to have USB Host capable. Once your device is good you will need an OTG (On The Go) cable to connect your device to your camera and voila remote shooting and live view.

I have a Sony Ericsson Neo V and all I needed was an OTG cable and the original USB cable that came with the cameras. Purchased and installed the software. It works on both the Canon 7D and 5DII. Although I haven’t had time to check every single feature, all the ones I use/need I checked and it all works!

Next up: I’m gonna try out the WIRELESS remote view….will put up a more detailed review and maybe a vid when I’m done testing/playing.

DSLR Controller = AWESOME if you got compatible gear


Without having to root anything, I can connect the Neo V to either camera, turn on tethering, launch DSLR Controller then launch DSLR Controller on my Note 2 and get remote live view! AWESOME!

Months Ago I tried doing this with a rooted galaxy tab (GTP1000) it wouldn’t work (something to do with power on its USB port etc). However, using it to recieve the remote live view works.