DMCA protection for your site and images

Website Protection Pro

Go check them out. There’s a free plan and badges you can put on your site to help educate your viewers (that your images aren’t free). Here’s an excerpt from their site (

DMCA Takedowns

DMCA .com is the global leader in DMCA Copyright Infringement Takedowns. We get stolen content removed. It’s 100% Guaranteed – or you get your money back.

DMCA .com can help with stolen blog content, videos, pictures, websites, games and more. Any country, any content, anywhere. This is what our team of professionals do everyday.

Professional takedowns starting at $199 and “Do It Yourself” takedowns starting at $10 / month!

Using DMCA Takedown Notices

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If you’ve ever found someone using your images without authorization or if you have a fair number of awesome images, inevitably some of your photos will get “stolen”. This is when you need to be familiar with the DMCA Takedown Notice.

If you want to find where else your images have surfaced check out our links page HERE.

Good Read on results of uploading your photos

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