Deal Extreme

Living on an island has limited my options of buying things online due to the high shipping costs. For example, I wanted to buy Optech’s Reporter straps which are about 19 bucks online, to have them shipped to me would cost me 30 to 40, cheapest options. Anyways,¬†dealextreme has free shipping so I ordered a couple of neoprene “lens holders” as my old one is tearing and I can’t find any reasonable priced ones locally. Long story short, these pouch things are like 5 bucks each and FREE shipping. I’ve ordered stuff from these guys before and no probs. This time, the pictured product was made by Matin. I ordered 2. One was Matin and the other was an Eoscn. It’s thinner than the Matin. Kinda feel ripped off but I’m not using it to carry lenses so not that big of a deal and it’ll still function well for what I intend to do with it (water bottle, wet umbrella, gorilla pod holder) plus 5 bucks for it, is still reasonable.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t be surprised if you don’t get what you purchased.