MacOs Sierra incompatibility with Canon

Just got an email from CPS regarding the incompatibility of Canon Cameras with MacOs Sierra. Here’s an exerpt:

“We would like to advise you that there is a system compatibility issue with MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) for Canon Cameras as well as some Canon applications.

Please refer to the url for detailed information:

5D Mark II and Canon Singapore . . .

Since 2008 Canon service was exceptional, the staff was always friendly, informative and accurate. I used to send in all my gear for calibration and servicing whenever I even felt there was something wrong. I didn’t mind paying they always did an excellent job until the last year or so. I was asked to join membership thing, CPS as they call it. Apparently if you own a certain amount of their “pro” gear you get in. Ok, so I joined….cue ominous music…Change the scenery…Canon made so much money they expanded and renovated and shuffled things around, all the counter staff are different, gone are the very helpful and sincere ones. Here’s when the crap hits the fan…(ok the first incident was before the move)…

I brought in a soft 70-200 2.8 IS, which they were able to adjust to “within specs” still looked soft to me tho. They said they replaced an element but that didn’t help so they took it out again (I asked them to change it previously but they said they didn’t have the part), if you look through the lens now there are even more “oil” spots than before.  Then I brought it in again because something quite heavy inside rattles (my fault, I knocked it), if you look through the lens you can see an element move, when you mount the lens on a camera and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise (opposite of portrait orientation) something inside the lens keeps clicking and buzzing. They said they weren’t sure what it was but they can try to swap out the IS and the attached element for $800 but since the image quality was still within spec, I shouldn’t change it plus they’ll have to order parts and it’ll take 3-4 weeks. Well, I would have went ahead and had it fixed if they had a bit more confidence in repairing it.  Last thing I want is for them to get more crap on my elements. THIS IS WHAT CPS gets ya.

Not convinced? In the mail, as a welcome gift, you get some coupons for free sensor cleans and some gadget which at the time sounded pretty cool but when I went to collect it, it was out of stock and I got something else instead, oh well. I can’t remember what the items were but I guess they couldn’t have been too cool afterall, lol. Anyways, so I went to use the free sensor cleans and handed them the coupons, they gave me a pick up time and the usual, we’ll sms you when it’s ready. Well, I didn’t get any sms and when I called it was “done a long time ago”. So I’m pressed for time now and kinda pissed. I go collect my cameras and they give me a bill for each camera. I asked them what it was for and they said for the sensor cleaning, I said, “I thought it was free”, they said “why would it be free”, I said “because the coupon that I got from being a CPS member said it was free and that guy took the coupons”. I can’t tell if this lady is pissed at me or just friggin clueless, so being pressed for time, I flopped my credit card on the desk and told them to hurry up. She said something to the guy who took my coupons in another language and he came over and said something to the effect, “oh yeah…” So I asked if they were going to charge me or not but they have to hurry up, cuz I’m running late already. I didn’t even have them clean the spot they missed (I did it myself when I got home). So they gave me my cards back and I left. A few days later I get a credit memo for $0.00. What a waste of paper.

Want some more? This one is VERY recent. I bought a 5D2 and the shutter/mirror sounds were horrendous. Much worse than my 7D (which I took in and they fixed it perfect! This was before joining CPS). So I figured, I’d just send it in and they’d fix it along with the flare from the focus points. Low and behold, it’s supposed to be normal. My research on the net doesn’t indicate it’s normal…Some have it some don’t (in reference to the flare and noises). I just wanted mine to be one of the ones that don’t have ’em. So they took it in and told me 3-5 working days. Ok fine. On the way out I bumped into my “service rep” and he told me he’d look into it and give me a call. Never got a call, I called him and he said he didn’t get a chance to look into it and he’ll call me when he does, ok fair enough. I get a call 2 days later and the lady is saying they have to change the mirror box and asked if I wanted to proceed, so I said yes. 7 days later, no news from anyone. I call and they told me they are waiting for parts and it’ll be another 3 weeks…WTH?!?! So I demanded to speak with my service rep, he gets on the phone and apoligizes for not getting back to me when he promised he would, and that 3 weeks was a rather long estimate and that he’ll go check and call me back with the estimated arrival date of the part. Ok, fine. Guess what?! NO CALL ! 2 days later, I get an SMS, my camera is ready for pick up. AGAIN, WTH?!?!?! Did they even fix it? Well, I had hopes they did…right up until I pressed the button. It sounds even worse than before, flare is reduced tho. and my test shots were sharper than before. So what more can I do? I asked the counter guy (same guy who took in my camera) to listen to the noise. He does, makes a face, clicks again then brings it to the back, comes out 5 minutes later with a noisier 5D2 and says they are both within specs. SIGH…fine…at least it’s sharper now. 

I guess I’m lucky I get my stuff back in decent working order. I much prefer the perfection Canon used to give me. I never should have joined the CPS crap, now they probably think I got enough stuff so I won’t change systems, or would I? I’m REALY liking the new Sony gear…..LOL. 

Ok, so after having my 5D2 back for a few days, the after mirror slap buzz, whir sound is quite unnerving, so I went to quite a few shops including the one I purchased it from and they all said it sounds off when I told them I just got it back from Canon they cringed and shrugged….well, I’m loving the shots, hating the buzz/whir and viewfinder flare and got 1 year warranty…rant over…