Istock RIghts Grab?!

Interesting read from a Getty / iStock contributor regarding new unrevocable distribution rights. Very interesting read. Check it out HERE.

Heard of Check them out… is a site/service offering Copyright claims assessments, copyright registrations with the United States Copyright Office (USCO) and now the NEW plugin for Lightroom allowing you to register your images with the USCO straight out of Lightroom via ImageRights new plugin.

If you haven’t already, check out, here’s their site:

DRM for JPG, yes or no?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) apparently being looked at for inclusing to jpg’s. Here’s some info on it:

Your thoughts?

TPP – Copyrights, patents, trade secrets and more….

If you’re remotely interested in global business in terms of copyrights, patents and trade secrets then you should check out the TransPacific Partnership (TPP). The Partnership as been agreed to by 12 countries and is now in the processes of being voted on by each member country’s government.

Here’s more info:

Anyone read the new Facebook ToS?

I really hate it when crap like this happen. No organization should be able to take ANYTHING from people. Didn’t they learn from Instagram? Sigh…I’m gonna miss the facebook games if this ends up going through…