Most secure bag for travel: a partial solution?

In my search for the “perfect” bag, I’ve come across this bag: Trustbag. “The world’s most secure bag.”

The scenario: when I travel for long periods of time and I’m packing full. I don’t need all my gear on each day so I have to leave some behind in the hotel. Originally I used to use 2 back packs, one for bulk gear and one I use for shooting out of but then leaving a backpack full of gear with no way of reliably securing was a tad sketchy for me. I used to use a laptop tether to secure to a room table or closet rod and put the attached laptop into the bag of gear and padlock the zippers.

Now I’m using a carry on sized suitcase with built in lock but no way to secure the luggage to anything but the suitcase is more rugged than the backpack. The solution would be a rolling suitcase type bag with a built in wire cable lock but those are pricey.

So this bag by Trustbag seems to fit my needs although it looks a bit small for my needs so I may have to get 2 which would put the price range into the roller camera bag range. As a bag to shoot out of, the shoulder straps look uncomfortable. I wonder if those shoulder straps are uncuttable too.