Edit you images in LR using knobs and buttons

Behringer XTouch Mini Controller for Lightroom.

Hi everyone! Hope all is well with y’all! Just wanted to drop a note regarding the availability of an update for Midi2LR to version If you haven’t upgraded yet, here’s the link:


If you’re not familiar with Midi2LR it is a piece of software that lets you use a MIDI controller to adjust the adjustment sliders in Lightroom. The above image is 1/3 of the MIDI controller that I’m using. It is a Behringer XTouch Mini. The gold labels I stuck on myself using regular stickers including the colored dots on the knobs. I’m sure y’all can do a better job labeling and coloring yours, haha. Here’s my review of the Behringer XTouch Mini.

I realize that this device may be overkill for many people but if you shoot a lot of RAW images and want a quicker way to edit those RAW files you may want to check this out. I can 100% say that I can edit my images quicker and more precisely with this MIDI controller than I could using my wireless mouse. I bet a touch screen computer with stylus would be faster and more precise but I’m not hardcore….yet.

MIDI2LR is donation ware so if you can get your hands on a compatible MIDI controller, give it try!

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