Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market and surrounding area via public transport

Hi again, everyone! Here’s another post regarding one of the “must visit” places in Bangkok, which I was told, is Chatuchak Market. However, it might not be as “must visit” as everyone makes it out to be. I’ll list the details of my visits and let you decide for yourself. If you don’t know, Chatuchak Market is a HUGE market with an outdoor section and an indoor section. Area wise it’s maybe about 3 soccer fields? I’m just guessing though. Here’s a map:

So how do we get there? I started off on the Sukhumvit BTS Line (the light green line on the train maps). If you are as well then the station you need to alight at is named, Mo Chit. If you’re on the MRT, the station to alight at is Chatuchak Park or Kamphaeng Phet. As you can see on the map, Chatuchak Market is between those two MRT stations (that should be a better indication of its size as opposed to my guesstimate, lol). Once you get off the train at Mo Chit, you’ll need to exit the station using Exit 1. Here’s a couple of pics to help you find your way:

You’re going for the overhead bridge in the photo below:

Then down the stairs,

Walk past the MRT station (Chatuchak Park station). If you’re on the MRT, this is what your exit/entrance looks like 😎

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