What an eventful non photography week

3 pc’s upgraded to windows 10, one dead 3TB NAS, one dead backup PC (Hard drive failure), one dead Dremel 3000. SIGH…..

All 3 windows upgrades went smoothly without a single hiccup. There were updates immediately available so make sure to check and update too. Also, check the privacy features as suggested in a previous post, HERE.

Dead 3TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) unrecoverable as is the hard drive in the backup PC. You know the recommended backup plan about having 2 backups, one off site? This is the reason. I’m fortunate, I guess, that I had all those computer problems earlier this year that lead to me having extra parts and that 3rd USB hard drive just sitting on the shelf with my backup’s backup. So all I had to do was go and backup all the most recent stuff from everyone’s PC. Now to decided whether I should build a server solution or stick with NAS / USB Storage solution.

Fixed my Dremel 3000, which decided to slowly stop working. I hate having unfinished projects…anyways, turns out (after some research on Google) my first troubleshooting task resolved the issue. The task was removing the 2 carbon brushes from the sides of the Dremel and scruffing them up a bit and putting them back in.

To finish off the week, I re-grouted the bathroom floor.

Now back to photography stuff…YAY!!!