Public Transport to Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi Airports

Close up of the Don Mueang Airport signage

Here’s a quick guide for getting to Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi Airports using public transport. Specifically via the Sukhumvit BTS Line (the light green line on the maps). Hope all you Steemfest goers find this helpful. For more tips on Bangkok, consider checking out my other posts. You can find them on my Travelfeed profile.

Don Mueang Airport

If you’re already in the city, ride the BTS until you get to Mo Chit station where you’ll alight and exit the station. You’ll be looking for and exiting at exit 3 with signage saying something along the lines of “bus stop to Don Mueang Airport.” Check out the signage regarding the buses you can hop on at the bus stop. In the picture below is what it looked like for me when I was there. The other picture below is the numbered stop list (for the full list go to the website, the URL is in the photo) .

Get on the bus and wait for the attendant to get to you. Tell them where you’re going and give them the amount they say, kind of sketchy to me, but I guess that’s the way it works. I took Bus 510 which had air conditioning and it cost me $20 Baht to Don Mueang Airport. Non air conditioned buses are cheaper but probably older too, the choice is yours. Inside the bus there was a screen that indicated the next stop.

Get off at the stop named ‘Wat Don Mueang’ and keep in mind that the bus might drop you off at the actual bus stop or in the middle of the road near the bus stop (depending on traffic). We alighted in the middle of the street which was more convenient to get up to the overhead walkway as the stairs were in the meridian.

You can see the airport across the very wide road and to get there you should use the overhead walkway by going up the stairs located in the meridian. Keep going until you reach stairs going down and head towards the ‘Family Mart’ convenience store then turn right and go past the flags and security guards. You should come up to the huge Blue T1 signage.

Coming back from the Don Mueang Airport I took the Airport Shuttle to Mo Chit in an air conditioned bus for $30 Baht and it took about 20 minutes, this was around 10:30 pm. There are a few shuttle buses going to a bunch of places, have a look at the pic above for more details.

For comparison, taking a regular taxi or grab from around the Ekkamai BTS station will range from: $400 Baht to $600 Baht depending on the time and traffic. I started my journey at 10pm and traffic wasn’t bad and it only took me an hour and a half.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

This ride is even simpler. From any station on the Sukhumvit BTS Line head to Phaya Thai BTS station and get off. There’s a short walk (with English signage pointing the way) to the connecting station on the Airport Rail Link (ARL) that will take you to straight into Suvarnabhumi Airport. You have to purchase another ticket too at a cost of $45 Baht at the gantry of the ARL station. It’s actually a plastic token rather than the usual paper ticket (you can’t use your Rabbit pre paid card), anyways, at the end of your journey just slip the token into the gantry to exit.

Airport Rail Link station at Phaya Thai BTS station

That’s what the Airport Rail station looks like (at Phaya Thai) it’s fully covered unlike any of the BTS stations that I’ve come across on the Sukhumvit line. It’s really straight forward so don’t worry, if I didn’t get lost, you won’t either, haha.

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