Stress testing my gear…

This year we took our vacation in Europe we visited London, Paris and Rome in a span of 2 weeks. To me this was like the Amazing Race. Roughly 4 nights in each city is not nearly enough time. Lugging around a 5d2, 7d with 24-105, 10-22, 8 fisheye, 70-200 2.8, 100-400, 1.4 tc using my dual body Optech shoulder harness and TT belt+pouches and either my Kata 3n1 33 or cumpler 7mdh. Choice of bag depended on weather, destination (museums) and whether or not I needed a tripod. I was almost overcast the entire 2 weeks and rainy 1/2 time. I got my gear wet plenty of times, they got knocked around and into people, walls, poles, posts and got more wet.

The only issues I had, were my remotes refused to fire (Strato II’s) dont think they got wet maybe it was too cold and the 7D’s pop up flash refused to pop up. So I had no remote flash capabilities when I really needed it. The strato’s worked in the hotel tho (happened twice).My cam batteries ran outta juice faster than normal.

Other than that, all the gear held up really well ! I had to stop and buy an umbrella once and on a different occasion I had to buy a hand towel to dry the cams and lenses. When Canon says weather resistant, they really mean it. I was worried about the 7d’s pop up tho, it wasn’t a stuck pin, I checked. I brought it in to CSC and they took it in and 15 minutes brought it back and said they made some minor mechanical adjustment done and that it was minor and therefore free. WOOOOT !

I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised and extremely impressed. That day, for me, Canon had reverted back to the top notch customer service I was used to way back when. No, “I know more than you attitude”, no blank staring off while you’re talking to them, no long waits, no standing in the back chatting with each other holding your gear. I hope they can keep this up!

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