Risk Management / consistency or lack thereof…

CHIJ Toa Payoh’s Secondary and Primary school is located on the same premises. There are 2 student entrants one for Secondary School students and the other is for Primary school students located on opposite ends of the premises. Right after these entrances are the entrances/exits to the parking lot (which spans between the 2 schools, within the enclosed premises). The road in front of the school has 3 lanes after school the inner lane is taken up by all waiting cars this means cars going into and leaving the school premises must do so from the middle lane.

So what’s the problem? 

1) It’s a school zone and driver’s views are obstructed having to navigate to and from the middle lane of the road. Vehicles coming out of the parking lot obstruct pedestrian traffic (mostly children).

Usually no big deal in countries that adopt a “pedestrians have the right of way” mentality. Not so, in Singapore. Cross walks, drive ways mean next to nothing EVEN in a “school zone”. It’s unbelievable how many “close calls” you’ll see.

2) There are signs posted at the entrances indicating the entrances’ opening hours. These signs are not accurate (at least on the primary school side).

Again not a big problem except primary school students coming from the other end have to pass the secondary school entrance and both driveways to get to this entrance (vice versa for secondary students). If the gate is closed, some sort of signage should be in place so the little kids don’t have to walk all that way. If the security guards are going to insist students and guardians use the “proper” entrance they MUST ADHERE to the posted opening times if not put up signage. It’s not so difficult.

The inconsistencies are quite frustrating, some guards don’t allow students to cross the driveways meaning all students use the first entrance they get to. Very good ! Some guards aren’t around and some have some sort of discriminatory way of sorting which students get to cross and which don’t. When questioned we we’re allowed to pass once, and the other time the excuse was “the kid is too small”.

3) Both schools are within the same enclosure it makes no sense to me why there is a differentiation, at times, to what entrance must be used. Doing so only opens up potential accident opportunities. THESE ARE KIDS walking up and down.

If you can stick a sign onto the street telling drivers not to stop in the middle lane, why can’t you put up a sign telling the students when you closed the gate during open hours?! 

Bottom line: Don’t make kids cross the driveway when they don’t need to. An ounce of prevention….

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