Review: Lowepro Computrekker

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Intro Who is this for How I use this Whats to like
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Introduction to the Lowepro Computrekker AW Backpack

Lowepro Computrekker AW

Finding the right bag for your precious DSLR(s) is never an easy decision. There are so many different choices such as size, capacity, carry style, brand etc. Even if you’re brand loyal, there are different specs to similar bags not to mention color. We have a bag section HERE that we hope will help you out.

The Lowepro Computrekker AW is a versatile bag. It can fit a lot of gear while not being hard or exhausting to carry over a few hours. It is quality built and has lasted me several years. The zippers and clasps are robust as are the straps, at no time have I ever felt any of them would give way. Afterall, Lowepro is a brand know for quality. Each zippered compartment has dual zippers (except the laptop compartment) and each zipper has a cord attachment making them easier to grab when wearing gloves.

We have a few more photos of the Computrekker on our Flickr page HERE if you’re interested to have a look. The equipment in the bag are tagged (in the Flickr set) so you can get a better idea regarding sizes.

Who is this for

Lowepro Computrekker AW

This bag is mainly for trekkers, those who need to travel a distance before having to take the gear out to take photos. Ths drizzle resistant backpack also has a built in raincover for heavier downpours to protect your gear. It has a waist belt and chest strap for a more comfortable trek.

As well as those needing to take more than just a single body and lens to a shoot. Or “on location shooters” who has a lot of time to make the photo in a spacious/safe environment because you will have to set the bag down and remove (if there is one) the tripod before you can access your gear.

Shooter who need to carry a laptop securely would also appreciate this bag as the laptop compartment is top loading and separated from the main camera compartment by a thick padded wall.and is situated between your back and the rest of the bag. There is loop at either end of the zipper should you wish to use a luggage lock to secure the compartment.

Where to buy (also alternate versions)

How I use this

Lowepro Computrekker AW

The computrekker also has a laptop compartment and a tripod holder. Padding is thick but comfortable even after long hikes. Although the bag itself is drizzle resistance but left in a puddle, it will absorb water (my gear didn’t get wet tho).

I use this Lowepro backpack mainly as an equipment mover or day pack. The front pockets have enough space to put clothes and other stuff in it, while the laptop compartment holds my accessories. The tripod holder can fit a Manfrotto 190xprob with Manfrotto 222 head.

The black semi circle looking tabs on the clear pockets cover the zippers (when closed) so the zipper does not scractch your gear. Because after awhile (can’t say for sure when it started to happen), those tabs crumble apart, so I removed them and the zipper.

Whats to like

Lowepro Computrekker AW

The carrying capacity. This bag holds a lot of stuff and not so difficult to carry because it is a backpack design with thick shoulder pad straps. Also the tripod is mounted down the middle of the bag making it’s weight distribution easier on the shoulders.

The built in rain cover will cover the bag even if there are lens cases attached to the side loops of the bag and cinch up over and around the computrekker nice and snug (only the back is exposed). The cover is stored in a pocket on the bottom of the bag (when upright) and the opening is fastened with velcro which is good as it adds a bit more cushion when setting down a full computrekker.

The front pouch is large enough to allow the Computrekker to function as a daypack!

Whats to hate

Lowepro Computrekker AW

Over time, the leather tabs protecting your gear from the inner zippers will erode leaving eraser dust bits all over your gear/bag. Not a big deal maybe for most, but it bugs the crap outta me to open my bag and see “eraser dust” all over my gear. Not to mention, I used to change lenses from out of this bag, It wouldn’t be too hard for some to get bounced into a body or lens when I plop them in during a quick change.

There are too many buckles cinch straps to make it a “shoot on the go bag” especially if there’s a tripod on the bag. The rain cover won’t cover the bag if the tripod is attached (not a biggie but thot you should know). Since the tripod pouch extends lower than the bottom of the bag it makes setting the backpack down most awkward with a tripod mounted. It will tip over so you’ll have to set the bag down flat, as in the part that rests on your back is the side that is on the floor.

My Verdict

Lowepro Computrekker AW

This bag looks huge, and it is. It can fit A LOT of gear. Surprisingly and amazingly, it’s not that bad to carry around. Aside from the thickly padded shoulder straps, the back of the bag has bulging padding to provide back support, there’s a waist belt to keep the bag from bouncing and hitting your back and there’s an elastic buckle that keeps the shoulder straps from slipping off your shoulders.

If you change lenses often, I suggest you get a lens case like the Lowepro ones that can be attached to the side loops of the Computrekker AW and then on location you can take it off the bag and put it on your belt or the waist belt for easier access. It can be a pain if you have to change lenses out of the bag, with all the buckles and zippering. Especially, with a monopod or tripod attached.

Before the crumbling tabs, I would HIGHLY recommend this bag, but after finding that flaw, not so much. I still really like this bag as it holds so much stuff and it is still useful to me. Taking off the tab and zippers made no difference to me as I never used those plastic pockets anyways.

So now my position is, if you can get this bag cheap then it’s worth it, at full price maybe not so much or maybe check out the PLUS version. I have a link down below in the “ALTERNATIVE” section