Only 7 days more of Singtel, I’ll have to suffer

So my contracts have all finally expired and I have put in the calls, performed the necessary steps to cancel everything. I wanted to keep my phone numbers so I had then “ported” over to my new phone and internet carrier, Starhub. I chose Starhub because I re contracted the tv to a fibre optics plan and tacked everything onto that.

Starhub, by the way has a “go green” thing going on. The lobby of the shop I went to was paperless, they had a equipment recycle bin and go green signage. AWESOME.

Anyways, the porting process, when successful cancels the previous carriers account. So make sure your contract is expired. To cancel the home broadband (with included mobile broadband) you have to call Singtel. Here’s Singtel’s contact page. TAKE NOTE: if you’re looking to time things perfectly, Singtel will charge you $40 (what kind of bullshit is that?!?!?!) if you want your home broadband service immediately terminated. No charge if you wait 7 days (maybe so they can charge you one last month’s plan price? I wouldn’t be surprised). For mobile broadband, I was told the wait is 3 days. So time it right, good people, don’t give them any room to take any more of your hard earned money.

YAY for me! I’ll be free of Singtel and their predatory practices forever!!!!!!! If you wanna read about the issues I had with Singtel, it’s HERE and HERE.

Oh, the Singtel Rep asked me why I was cancelling, haha, I gave her a brief summary. She was indifferent until the part I told her that as a family we are all cancelling Singtel. In which she replied in a shocked tone, “oh, even the home line?” I said yes. After that, she couldn’t wait to get me off the phone, haha. Maybe  that gets them where it hurts. All that infrastructure of telephone lines they have to support with dwindling usage as the push to fibre optics increases.