Not so lucky this time

Just a reminder, some accidents may be preventable such as wearing the neck strap attached to your camera. Even if your camera gets knocked out of your hands or you fall, the camera might not hit the floor….Hopefully, this is an easy / relatively inexpensive fix…

broken macro lens

1 thought on “Not so lucky this time

  1. Ok, so I got an sms late Thursday evening from CSC (Canon Service Centre) stating my lens is done and ready to pickup. WOW, AWESOME. So I picked it up the next day. I dropped it off on Tues. and picked it up on Fri. Got the lens checked it and the bill came out to around $107 sgd. The estimate was $210. WOOOHOOO ! My daughter (the lens dropper) was quite relieved hahaha.

    The staff haven’t changed much since the last time I was there, I recognized 3 of them. The whole “ordeal” this time was actually pleasant. I walked in took my number turned around to check the board and my number was already there. Yeah, the place was empty both trips.

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