Newbie’s guide to photographic salons

A great guide if you’re interested in participating in photographic salons like FIAP, PSA RPS. Written by and posted on a blog by David Candlish. Here’s the Link.

International judged competitions are great for testing your metal against the photographers of the world.

Good luck and best wishes!

One thought on “Newbie’s guide to photographic salons

  1. So I finally got my FIAP LifeCard the other day, a little over a year since I applied (and paid). While I was waiting, I entered a couple of Salons and managed 4 acceptances. So if you’re waiting on your card, go ahead and start entering. You may have to earn some distinction before they actually issue your card. That was a comment I had heard when receiving my card, in response to the length of time it took. It’s probably in line with the 1 year distinction application hold, ie “first FIAP recognized acceptance must have occurred at least 1 year ago”? Here’s the link to the Distinctions rules:

    Well, I’m a happy camper and looking forward to the FIAP journey, I hope you do to.

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