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"Hi all, we have revised the uploading limits. All in all, we have too many uploaders with poor sales records dumping way too many images into the Queue, so we have to favor those uploaders with solid sales records and approval ratings — AND to give NEW uploaders with high quality images, a chance to quickly rise to a position where they have "no limits" as far as uploading.
For those who have high approval ratings, this won’t affect you much or at all. For those who have a lot of declines, you may find you hit your limit faster, but please know that by focusing on how to take quality, marketable shots, you will see your limits rise and more importantly, your earnings will rise. I’d like to encourage all shooters who wish they made more money to look closely, often, at the most popular photographers’ work here at BSP to help understand what makes a good, marketable shot. Don’t get stuck shooting snapshots when you can learn to take professional quality shots and boost your income."


"StockXpert.com was recently acquired by Gettyimages as part of the Jupiterimages acquisition. The StockXpert team is now working closely with our new friends to align our application and submission policies to ensure a legally safe and sound marketplace for selling your images.
In the upcoming weeks, we are going to review the entire Stockxpert collection in order to identify and remove any images that infringe on someone’s intellectual property. At the same time, we will be tightening our image approval process to filter out images that we simply do not feel comfortable with."

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Now accepting video footage!

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