Magmod Basic kit ver. 2

Well, picked up a MagMod basic kit version 2 and the MagSphere yesterday as well as placed my order for the wildlife kit. This is gonna be awesome i’m thinking….If you want in on this, here’s my unique referral code for $10 off your purchase. Check out the MagMod website for more products specs and online shop.

As you can see in the photo below taken with my phone (too excited to go get my camera) the kit comes with a pouch, made of what feels like a lens cloth (I used to wipe the gels to see if mine were just dirty), the mag grip is on my phottix mitros+ flash already (it was a TIGHT fit), the basic gel kit, a gel holder, a grid and an elastic to hold a transmitter.

First thoughts….the gels aren’t labelled. I thought they were from the pictures on their websites. The gels aren’t aesthetically perfect either. Mine have bubbles and or scratches in the plastic. Both of these aren’t an issue for me tho and won’t affect your images (unless you put the wrong gel on). The carry pouch is cool, MagMod branded, gets fingerprints off the gels with ease and has a draw string closure with pinch buckle thingy.

The build quality is good, the items are flexible but don’t seem like they’ll break anytime soon. The gel holder will fit multiple gels, I fit 3 in easily. I must say, handling these thick plastic gels is so much easier/convenient than crinkly gels and roscoe gels.

Next up, pictured below is the MagSphere, this was kind of an impulse buy as I figured with the mag grip on, I would lose the ability to diffuse the flash using a stofen like attachment, which I use a lot (Phottix flashes comes with one). This thing is kinda big but very squish able so it’ll pack easily. Comes with a carry pouch too.


I love MagMod! Get $10 off your first purchase using my unique referral code:

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments

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