Launch of the Canon 5D MK III

Went to the launch of the 5D MK III in Singapore. Although I feel fortunate/excited to have been invited, it wasn’t too impressive for a “launch”. The venue was compact and there wasn’t nearly enough room for all the invited to put it midly, the venue sucked and the presenters/speakers didn’t sound too enthusiastic. But anyways….

It was exciting to see the 5D MK III, especially since I’ve been wanting to get a MK II. Apparently the MK III has improved upon the Focus “issues” of MK II never heard there was but the approval ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd made it seem like a big deal. The specs sounded good, but for me, not OMG I want this now. Here’s a link to the full specs:

They also showed a new gps module, wireless transmitter but I didn’t get a good look at it since there were people standing wherever there was space which included between rows of seated people. The thing that got me to fight the crowd to get a closer look at was the new flash. If they were selling it there, provided it didn’t feel flimsy and wasn’t ridiculously priced, I would have bought one.

Although I got close enough for a good look, I still wasn’t able to get my hands on it. The 600 EXRT looks really good, the hotshe looks totally different from what I’ve seen. The RT stands for Radio Transmitted or something like that. Basically it means that the wireless capabilities of the flash is not infrared (line of sight) instead it’s via radio waves (meaning theoretically, you can stick your flash right outside the window, out of frame, and still get it to fire. Here’s the link for the full specs:

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