Just got a new flash

The Nissin Di622 II. This flash is pretty cool. It’s supposed to be a bit more powerful than the Canon 430 EX II and has a built in pull up white bounce card in addition to the wide angle diffuser panel. It is a bit bigger than the 430 EX, does not have a rotation lock mechanism so if you have a heavy diffuser and you need to angle your flash head, it might not hold. It holds the honl snoot ok.

The reasons I bought this over another 430 EX or EX2 was it’s a lot cheaper AND is wireless compatible with the Canon 7D (just make sure you buy the Canon version as opposed to the Nikon version). It does the TTL and ETTL just fine and power settings in cam all work (which didn’t work with the Mark 1 model).

It’s a pretty good flash! The only thing that bugs me is the battery compartment door. It’s really weird and feels very flimsy. When you first get it, don’t try to open it up as you would any ‘normal’ battery door. It’s attached to the flash so don’t try to pull it off either.

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