Finally I got to jump in the pool!

The above pic is what I’ve been looking at everyday when I take the elevators to head out whilst in Bangkok and everyday I think to myself, that looks so refreshing especially since it’s SO HOT here. So as Steemfest 2019 has come and gone as are the meetups. I found myself with nothing to do today. Full disclosure, I didn’t purchase a ticket for Steemfest, I just went to the venues to see if there were any booths and stuff like most conventions have, sadly there weren’t so I just walked around looking at stuff.

So today, swimming I went. The water looked so refreshing and inviting, I went straight to the deep end and jumped in. That was a huge mistake! The “deep end” of this pool is not at the end, it’s in the middle and even so, it’s not deep. That’s not even the biggest shocker. As refreshing and cooling as the water looked, I didn’t expect it to be freezing or pretty darn close to it. I could literally feel everything shrink, lol. Needless to say, I got out of there pretty fast. Lucky it’s so hot here that I immediately felt better, unlike the time I fell into the Fraser River in Canada, in the middle of winter! If you must know, my brother and I got dropped off onto some logs so we could lay some crab traps and do some fishing. Never in a million years would I have thought that my brother would decide to be a lumberjack and at that moment, start a log rolling competition without telling me. Yup, I lost and we didn’t get picked up for another 2 hours or so.

The funny thing is, that’s not even my worst cold water mishap I’ve had! So my buddies and I whilst in Victoria, BC Canada in March, were sitting in the indoor hot tub at a Red Lion inn and someone thought it would be a good idea to jump into the pool outside. Oh, if you didn’t know, March in Canada is still very cold. So off we went. I took a running start and jumped in, landing near the middle of the pool. It was so cold that my whole body felt like I was being stabbed with knitting needles. I was literally seeing stars and felt close to blacking out. When I surfaced, I was too late to shout a warning as I see two of my bro’s in the air about to hit the water. One jumped in close to the side and was ok, getting out almost immediately but the other landed close to where I did and since I hadn’t made it out yet, I went back to get him. After punching each other, trying to decide who’s stupid idea it was, we kinda looked up at the same time and realized the inn’s restaurant had the pool as a backdrop and it seemed everyone was staring at us. Some people looked astonished / some shocked and some were laughing really hard at us. So we waved and made our way back into the hot tub.

This recent experience brought back so many memories, I just had to share. Hopefully, my mishaps can spare someone a similar incident although it was kinda fun! Oh, I almost forgot, while taking pics in the pool, I slipped and almost dunked my camera! Lucky the pool was so shallow. Although the pool is mosaic tiled, there was enough “slime” on the bottom to negate the grip of the grout lines. Anyways, that’s another thing worth checking before starting any shenanigans in an unfamiliar pool, haha.

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